Who are we?

Ventanar, a company leader in curtain wall manufacturing and installation, has developed Arketipo, a line dedicated to furniture specially for commercial and institutional spaces.

Currently, Arketipo has a production plant located in Bucaramanga, as well as a technical and commercial team composed by architects and designers, planning and executing each project according to the client's needs.

¿What do we do?

Arketipo offers differente design lines for operative workers, executives and directors, while adjusting the solutions to each space.

Its product portfolio includes 100% customizable workstations, attention counters, waiting areas, office panels and internal glass partitions, special for offices, schools, universities, call centers, etc.


We have our own production plant in Bucaramanga, Santander, where we manufacture and dispatch our products nationwide, with the pride of offering a 100% Colombian product.

We offer all kinds of furniture solutions, adapting our products to the client's needs, installing projects nationwide. Our areas of expertise include universities, call centers, offices and more.
equipo humano

Our human resources are composed by experienced architects and designers, trained in order to assume any challenge with innovation and good quality.

We consider the development of each project unique, and offer the warranty of working with great materials and perfect finishes to achieve a good quality product and design.
Our production plant is located in Bucaramanga Colombia